Hands \ Limp \ Call \ Raise 
RFI stats, optimal 3bet size (if Ev of 3bet is negative it will have a minus before the size) 
3b IP \ 3b OOP \ Fvs3bet \ 4bet \ Fvs4bet 
optimal steal size if you are in Btn [Calculated EV], same from Small Blind 

Preflop Leaks
3Bet Leaks

cbet IP in flop \ turn \ river - cbet OOP in flop \ turn \ river 
fold to cbet IP in flop \ turn \ river - fold to cbet OOP in flop \ turn \ river 
DonkBet \ fold vs Raise \ raise \ check Raise \ Bet River \ Fold river

Leaks - when he is preflop raiser
Leaks - when you are preflop raiser
Bet Size Leaks (Bluff and Value)

Agression factor - flop
Agression factor - turn
Agression factor - river

the last stat are used when the enemie is in SB to calculate the EV of the steal (for example if enemie in button have 43 EV, but the sb have this stat on -49, you need to think about folding)